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Covid - 19

Information on health and safety practices and changes in our hotel's cancellation policy due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)
Information on health and safety practices and changes in our hotel’s cancellation policy due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

In our apartments, our priority is the safety of our customers and partners.
We would like to inform you that the management of Emi Seaside has prepared a Crisis Management Plan to limit the spread of coronavirus and to protect our staff, our partners and our visitors. More specifically, we proceed with the following measures:
  • Publishing prevention and protection instructions (based on the World Health Organization and the Greek Ministry of Health)
  • Disinfection of rooms and common areas
  • Frequent cleaning of common areas
  • Change of political cancellation (see below)
Realizing that we are experiencing a period of intense uncertainty, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

Change of cancellation policy

We have tailored the cancellation policy to offer you more flexible options in your bookings: Now you can make your reservation at our customized price and cancel for free 3 days before your arrival.
Our commitment to cleanliness:

Associate Health, Safety and Knowledge: Hotel/Apartment partners - and their own health, safety and knowledge - are essential to an effective cleaning program. Here are some ways we support them:
Hand hygiene: Proper and frequent hand washing is vital in combating the spread of viruses. In our daily meetings, our teams remind us that cleanliness begins with this simple act. It is important for their health and for our visitors.
Ongoing training: In addition to training on cleanliness and hygiene protocols, our hotel staff and staff also complete improved COVID-19 awareness training.
Real-time information: The hotel’s corporate and regional teams are on standby 24/7 to support the hotel and coordinate with local and regional authorities.
Cleaning products and protocols: Our hotel uses cleaning products and protocols that are effective against viruses, such as:

Guest Rooms: Emi Seaside uses cleaning and disinfection protocols to clean rooms after guests leave and before the next visitor arrives, paying close attention to high-touch items.
Public spaces: Emi Seaside has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in public places, with an emphasis on the desk bench, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public baths and even room cards.
In the background: In areas where associates work “behind the scenes”, Emi Seaside increases the frequency of cleaning and focuses on high-touch areas such as subsidiaries, locker rooms, laundries and staff offices.

Let’s all enjoy this summer with our loved ones!
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